Intuitive Hypnosis New Client Page

First Time Client Instructions

1. New Client Forms

Please fill out the Case History form, and other relevant forms, if any, related to your reason for scheduling with me.

Case History (Required for Everyone)

Weight Management

Tobacco Cessation

Stress and Anxiety

Fear of Public Speaking

Sleep Habits

Improved Sports Performance

Fear of Flying

Please fill these out, save to a file and email to me at [email protected] within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. Thank you!

2. Download Deep Relaxation MP3

Please download this Deep Relaxation MP3.

(If clicking this link starts to play the MP3, instead of starting to download it, then right-click the link and choose Save Link As, or whatever equivalent option your browser gives you.)

This recording acts as a great stand-alone session for deep relaxation and as a pre-conditioning tool to optimize your experience with additional hypnosis sessions and recordings. Listen to this several times (preferably 7 -10) before your first session to prepare your mind to quickly and easily enter the desired state.